Partner Promotions

We have teamed up with some of the best reviewed service providers in Chania. All Greek Escape guests are eligible for discounts and offers. Whether you are looking for outdoor sports, or car rental service, check out the exciting list of offerings.

This list is regularly updated with new partners.

Car Rental

While it is easy to walk around the villas and access shops and restaurants, driving is a really great way to make the best out of everything the island has to offer. That is why we have partnered with local rent a car service which can deliver and pick-up the car at the location of your choosing.

At checkout, add the coupon code Greek Escape to receive a small discount.

Car Clap
Clear Waters

Standup Paddle

SUP is a really fun activity to do as a group to explore the coast (and get a bit of a workout in)! We are working with a company with great experience and knowledge of the area that will show you the ropes if it is your first time on a SUP board before setting off on a 2h tour.


They take a minimum of 4 people for a 2h tour for a reduced price of 50 euros per person if you mention Greek Escape in your booking email.

WorkHub Chania

Working from Home is amazing, esecpially when Home is Greek Escape...but even in the most amazing villas, we sometimes need a change of scenery.


That is why we have partnered with Workhub Chania, a co-working space that provides super fast internet in an extremely professional and modern space - with meeting rooms, video call booths, conference room, lockers, printers, monitors, indoors/outdoors relaxing area.


All Greek Escape residents are welcome for free to all their events, a great opportunity to meet fellow digital nomads.


Thinking of bringing a friend?

Scuba Diving

Whether it is snorkling or scuba diving, this diving center not only has professional hosts but also the most friendly ones. They know the in's and out's of the Cretan coast. There are some hidden gems underwater that we cannot wait for you to discover.

Silhouette of Scuba Divers


Take to the skies and have a bird's eye view on one of the most unique landscapes in Greece. From coastal blue waters to the snow capped mountains, it is a thrilling experience whether you're a beginner or a pro.