Caribbean like beaches, medieval castles, delicious Mediterranean food, wineries, hiking path and diving sites... Chania's region at the north west of Crete seems to gather the best of what Greece has to offer. 

Contrary to what some may think, the low season on the island is far from dull.
While most tourists go home at the end of the blazing hot summer, Crete enjoys a lovely  Indian summer that only those who come after October can truly appreciate. 

While you are most welcome to stay at the villa and enjoy the sunsets over the pool and the bay, we would highly recommend that you take advantage of Chania and its surroundings.

Old Town

With around 60 000 inhabitants, Chania qualifies as a city and yet, it has kept its authenticity and charms that are best appreciated in the colorful old town.
As the medieval architecture will have you travel through time, you will be enchanted by the famous Cretan hospitality

Lighthouse in Chania, Greece
Drone view of Balos beach in Crete


Crystalline water and golden sands (sometimes pink), Crete  has more than 300 beaches for you to explore. Whether you enjoy the most famous popular ones north of Chania or the more secluded that can be found between seaside villages in the south, you will for sure find your favorite beach.

Food Haven

The Mediterranean diet is famous for a reason. Food & wine are a huge part of the Greek Culture. In the region of Chania we find an important production of avocados, olives and wines at many restaurants, cafes, bars and bakeries for all budgets and taste buds.  

Greek salad on a plate
Diving cave in Greece

Water Sports

The northern coast of Crete where Chania is located offers amazing scuba diving opportunities with many reefs, caves and wrecks to explore. If you would rather be above water, wind and kitsurfing as well as sailing are other popular activities. 


Crete is home to several canyons (or gorges) winding through mountains and cliffs. The hiking paths are just as impressive with rives, lakes and plenty of nature. The closest one is 650m away.

Gorge in Crete, Greece
T-shirt with graphics of greek culture


Musical and cultural events are happening all year long, celebrating seasons, wine and food! ...and no one does it better than the Greeks.

Beach Volley

Pristine baches surround Chania city. Some of the beaches like Agii Apostoli and Chrissi Akti offer volleyball courts to have some fun in the sun. It is also a favorite sport among locals.

Beach Volleyball
Safari Jeeps


Large parts of terrain around Chania are not easily reachable without 4x4 therefore there are several companies that take us through this uncharted world to discover some hidden gems.